At Mighty Private Dining we grasp the spirit of the art of cooking meticulously only with freshest selection of products in the market to offer the best private dining experience in the bustling dining scene of Bangkok.

Our effort in perfecting every little detail, passion for food and devotion of service have inspired us to open our own one-table private venue that can accommodate up to 14 people.

We offer a highly seasonal and constantly new menu experience.


3 course - 1,200 thb ++



4 course - 1,800 thb ++
5 course - 2,300 thb ++
6 course - 2,800 thb ++

---minimum booking for 4 people---


  Soon at your home a wide selection of high quality homemade style food.

  Soon the opening of our Gentleman Lounge with finest selection of puffing and drink.


Kitchen Harmony

Having a true and sincere passion for food, Mighty Private Dining delivers its best performance, motivated by the desire to give a real culinary experience and to our guests . This is something that goes above and beyond regular restaurants but has become an essence of our dreams to serve only the best to customers.


One Table

With the Dining Room adorned with a careful selection of wood furniture and beautiful antique pieces, Mighty Private Dining will make you fall in love with our delectable cuisine and cozy ambience. Our effort in perfecting every little detail, passion for food and devotion of service have inspired us to open our own one-table private venue that can accommodate up to 14 people.


Bangkok is a city full of senses, offering unique experiences at its best. Our choice to be a niche product fully reflects our style and the desire to share passion for food and culinary harmony that only a banquet table is able to offer.



Different people, different cultures, different experiences are brought together with a mission to achieve the same goal.
Kitchen & Service team exclusively is made up of young Thais who stand out for their professionalism and love for this business.
Each individual embraces this profession not by chance but as a career choice.
It is our pride to give opportunities to these youngsters that, thanks to their determination, have already reached a high degree of experience and abilities.


Q & A

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: In the reservation section, choose preferred date and time and indicate the number of people. You will receive our confirmation of availability within 24 hours. We suggest to make a reservation in advance or you can contact diectly by phone as below.

Q: How do I book my favorite set menu?
A: Open the Menu Section you fancy, Lunch or Dinner. Create your Set upon how many courses you would like to have: 3 for lunch only, 4-5-6 for dinner. Please always keep in mind, the set is not individual for each guest, but for all the partecipants. However two alternative dish are allow to be change in order to accomodate as much possible everyone's tastes. For the 3 course lunch, only main course can be change with a second choice.
Fine Food require time and dedicates attention; serve at high standard is our priority.
Contact us for any question you may have.               

Q: Do you have a minimum booking fee?
A: Yes. For lunch, the minimum booking fee is THB 10,000, excluding tax and service charge whereas for dinner, the minimum booking fee is THB 20,000, excluding tax and service charge.

Q: Do you have the minimum booking fee include wine?
A: Yes! you can choose your preferred wine from our wine list and it will be included in the cost of your event.
Q: Do you have a corkage fee?
A: Yes, our fee is THB 600 ++
Q: How do I pay for my dinner and through which payment method?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, UnionPay, JCB . You are required to pay the booking fee of 50% of the total cost after receiving the confirmation of table availability and menu and pay the rest 24 hours before the lunch/dinner event.
Q: Can I customize the event?
A: Contact us and let us know your requests. The Mighty team will do its best to meet your needs.
Q: Is there a parking lot at Mighty Private Dining?
A: Yes, we have a parking space that can hold up to 15 cars.




2/1 Soi Sukhumvit 49/14 (Prasertsit) Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110


Head Office : 02-392-1588